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there might not be too many who would stand beside you now

1 May 1984
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We are young, but we have heart.
Born in this world as it all falls apart.
We are strong, we don't belong.
Born in this world as it all falls apart.

We will fight, or we will fall.
'Till the angels save us all.

LAYOUT: Supernatural
MOOD THEME: CATS by weapon_icons

| Female | 5'7" | Left-Handed | OC Californian | Artist/Writer |
| 25% Italian, 25% Polish, 25% Scottish, 1/8 Irish, 1/8 English, 1/16 Native American |
| Green | Spiritualist | PERSONALITY: INFP | BLOOD TYPE: A- | WESTERN: Taurus | EASTERN: Rat |

Working in the movies, (yeah "that" hollywood,) doing; graphic design, writing, sfx makeup, acting??

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cloverfieldart dark_castle spn_psykids

All icons in my userinfo were made by me. If you like them and want more, go to fandomoncrack

"I need attention 24 hours a day! What's the point of living if you don't have an audience?" -Jake Spidermonkey
"I don't suffer from insanity, I enjoy every minute of it" -Edgar Allan Poe
"And yet, the most exciting life is the imaginary one." -Virginia Wolfe
"Smile. It confuses people." -Sandi Thom

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Marriage is love.

In America, about 1 out of 20
high school students identify
themselves as gay, lesbian,
bisexual or transgendered.
I support them!
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